CEO Greeting

Hello I appreciate you, customers who have visited this page.

AOG Corp. was founded as ‘Jinwoo Customs’ in 1987, aiming to be an international shipping business specializing in marine cargo. Later with the establishment of the bonded shed and the customs office integrated to ‘Jinwoo Integrated Logistics’ we have grown into a specialized logistics company across all areas such as marine transportation, air transportation, bonded shed, bonded shipping, customs , and forwarding.

AOG Corp.'s employees have expertise based on more than 30 years of ample experience, always striving to provide clients with high-quality service at the clients’ levels.

Furthermore, we are establishing an continuous status by expanding overseas networks, strengthening the establishment of computerized systems, and fostering logistics professionals to leap to be a global leader in the logistics industry.

Keeping up with the rapidly changing flow of logistics in the world, we promise to repay your faith shown in us with our ceaseless changes and efforts, and we ask for your unwavering support and interest in the upcoming days.

AOG Corp.

CEOKeunsung Lee