Bonded Shed/Customs Brokerage

Bonded shed

AOG Corp. will do our best to store and ship your cargo more quickly, safely, and accurately through our effective integrated logistics service in each level of packaging, storage, and transportation.

Main features

- With convenient AOG Corp. has accessibility to a nearby highway (West Gimhae I.C) so that we are therefore able to ship cargo fast.
- AOG Corp.’s bonded shed has an optimal facility for storage up to 6,611.58 square meters.
- We systematically manage the manufacture and expiration dates of food and drinks.
- We maintain a constant temperature and humidity through anti-temperature and anti-humidification facilities.
- We provide distribution and processing services such as inspection and quarantine, and labeling for products.
- In case of fires, we minimize the ’ loss by subscribing to fire insurance.
- Through SECOM and our in-house security services, we safely store your cargo 24/7 .


Customs brokerage

AOG Corp. provides exact customized service for clients through reduction in logistics costs related to customsprofessional consulting based on excellent custom agents.

Export customs - Issuance of export declaration certificates.
- Pre-examination of item categorization and HS CODE classification of the exporting goods.
Import customs - Issuance of import declaration certificates
- Pre-examination of item categorization and HS CODE classification of the importing goods.
- Handling of the tariff reduction, tax exemption of the importing goods.
- Application for correction/cancelation of import declaration and correction/modification report/claim for rectification of the tax amount.
Customs refund - Simplified fixed drawback and individual refund.
- Issuance of certificates of divided payment and of basic raw materials for tax payment, etc.
FTA - Issuance of certificate of origin.
Proxy quarantine - Proxy quarantine for plants (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
- Proxy quarantine for genuine articles (National Plant Quarantine Service)

Clearance Procedure for Imports and Exports

Procedure Clearance procedure method for imports and exports
1. Carrying the products (Block) · Once the articles arrive from overseas, we set them in the bonded zone.
2. Equipment of requirement (Shipper of imports) · The shipper of the imports must prepare to confirm requirements, recommend the tax rate, have a recommendation letter of deduction certificates.
· In cases of linked institutions to the network, one can apply for and submit the confirmation of requirement, tax rate recommendation, a recommendation letter of deduction certificates through electronic documents.
3. Declaration of imports (Declarer) · The declarer will fill out the declaration of import and send it to the customs system.
· The customs system will receive and notify the declarer after selecting the subjects of inspection and documentation submission.
4. Processing the declaration (Customs) · Regarding cases subject to inspection, after checking they are the relevant articles, they go through inspection according to the documents.
· Cases subject to the submission of documents will according to the documents.
· P/L (Paperless) cases will go through a inspection through a screen.
· Cases that come clean after inspection will be registered for approval.
5. Provision of security or payment in advance · The shipper of imports must provide security for tax payment to the customs or pay the tax in advance to get the goods delivered.
6. Acceptance of a report · If the tax payment is complete (payment in advance) or if the collateral is set (post-payment), the articles will be automatically reported as accepted in the customs system.
7. Carry-out report · The shipper of imports will request an operator of the bonded zone (block) to carry out the articles and carry the articles out of the bonded zone.
8. Post-payment (Shipper of imports) · The shipper of imports must pay the tax within 15 days of the acceptance of the report.