Main business

3PL (Third Party Logistics) refers to entrust the overall cargo logistics to a specific professional logistic service provider in order to reduce the costs of related costs. AOG Corp. is responsibly carrying out all the tasks in the cargo sector so that the clients can concentrate on their core businesses, fulfilling cost reduction and improvement of added value.

Expected effects

Reduction of production costs, and reinforcement of corporate competitiveness - By outsourcing the overall logistics department, shipper companies can reduce logistics costs to bring price competitiveness so that they can concentrate resources and labor on their core capability and future growth.
Creation of a flexible business management environment - Shipper companies can cope proactively with rapidly changing business management environments in which fixed logistics costs are converted into variable costs.
Expansion of overseas entrance - Simplified fixed drawback and individual refund
- Shipper can make the foundation of growing into a global company as through national and overseas global networks of professional logistics companies.

AOG Solution

Establishment of infrastructure - We establish the optimal base and infrastructure considering the client's business features through the logistics integrated system.
Streamlining your work - Wprofessional consultation and each shipper’s dedicated team with logistic experts. We streamline your import and export work (shipping/customs/unloading) by utilizing AOG Corp.’s international logistics infrastructure.
Total logistics management - Simplified fixed drawback and individual refund
- We provide a total logistics management system from the procurement of the raw materials or completed products to collection of the inventory.